ABNERSECURITY CERTIFIED Android PENTESTING PROFESSIONAL [in-depth + private methodologies]

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Language : English
Course Duration :  2 months
Skill Level : Beginners to Intermediates
Certificate : On Completion

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Course Description

AbnerSecurity Certified Android Pentesting Professional covers about Android Pentesting right from the scratch with in-depth knowledge of each and every sectors.

The course has been built dedicatedly for Pentesters, Bug Bounty hunters, Security Professionals and Android Developers. Candidates from any field/educational background who are targeting to get into Android Pentesting right from the scratch to higher levels can join this.

COURSE Modules

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Who should join this course?

This course has been designed specifically for Candidates with no prior/basic knowledge on Android Security. Specially handcrafted for all Security Engineers, Bug Hunters and Android Developers.


  • Not From any Technical Background at all or no previous relations with CyberSecurity ?

                 Some basic technical knowledge will be required. Familiarization on overall cybersecurity would help a lot to gain productivity out of this course.

                 Enroll and complete the Certified Pentesting Professional Course and then enroll into Certified Android Pentesting Professional to gain the max benefit.

  • I do not have any knowledge about any sort of coding , now what can I do ?


Keeping this in mind the entire course has been developed in which Programming is also taught which provides a complete insight of an attackers point of view in coding, that too from the very basics!

Similar to the other courses that we provide, we have ZERO PRE-RECORDED SESSIONS.

Entire training will be conducted live where you can directly interact with the instructor at any point.

  • How are the Sessions Conducted?

All sessions will be taught live over Google Meet.

  • How long will be the course conducted?

AbnerSecurity Certified Android Pentesting Professional is conducted for a duration of 2 months.

  • I also want to go for Bug Bounty , but I have a limited budget, what should I do ?


Contact us directly over whatsapp using the following link. We shall help you regarding the same, and also provide suitable discounts.

  • Is there any pre-requisite for the course ?

There’s no pre-requisite for the Certified Android Pentesting Professional since we cover from the very basics, however having fundamental knowledge on Android and basics of cybersecurity and attack vectors will be a bonus point. 

For Absolute beginners with 0 knowledge in cybersecurity, we suggest them to complete the Certified Pentesting Professional or the Practical Bug Bounty Mastery first, post to which this course will give the maximum benefit.

What you will take away:

  • Detailed and Practical knowledge in Android Pentesting

  • Certificate upon Course Completion

  • Live Practical Exploitation and Customized Exploit Building

  • Building basic applications!!!

What You'll learn

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